Gardens & Restaurants Furniture

Our Company have a

very wide selection of Furniture.


What makes it special that 

it has all; Quality, Competitive Prices,

Smart Solutions & Up to Date Models.


Its a 1 point sale to all Kinds of

Furniture  types that vary from Ratan,

Wood, Bamboo, Alluminium, Steel, ..   

& Umbrellas, Gazebos, Dining Tables.

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Wood Works

Fine Wooden Works for Gazebos, Gardens, Entrances, Garages,

& Exterior & Interior Decorations.

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 Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Designed for interior & exterior decoration

Bio-Ethanol fireplaces proved better than wood

Requires no chimney nor any installation

Do not release smoke or smell

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Outdoors & Outdoor Gear


   When it comes to

 Outdoors,   you'd  better  look

 for Best Quality,  Performance Tools,  Be right equipped  & Do not ignore any single item that makes  difference at the right time ... 


All such products

do act more efficiently & last

 longer  in various  conditions.

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